Spice Reward & Referral Program

Reward Program:

With get-spices.com you get the real value for money. With every purchase now you earn redeemable reward points (Spice Points).  Points keep getting accumulated into your R&R account until or unless you redeem them. 

Referral Program:

You have now an opportunity to earn flat 5 Euros (500 Spice Points) discount as a referral program. With every referral, you get 500 spices points (redeemable) and your friend gets 5 Euros discount on his first purchase. Spice points can be rewarded only after the completion of this process.
  • The award issued to you once the friend makes a purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions :

What is 'Spice Point'?

‘Spice Points’ are the redeemable reward points that can be earned by referring friends to our website or by making a purchase on www.get-spices.com.

Refer to the below table for details :

         Event                                                   Spice Points

  • Referral                                       500 Spice Points
  • Sign-Up                                       200 Reward Points
  • Every 1 € Purchase                2 Spice Points
When & for what can the 'Spice Points' be redeemed?
Every 500 'Spice Points' can be redeemed against 5 and can be used anytime at the time of your purchase with us.
Why is it necessary for for my friend to make a purchase before I get my 'Spice Points' for referral?
This is a crucial part of referral cycle which completes only when your friend makes his first purchase. 
How can I check the status of my  'Spice Points'?
By logging into your account.
Do 'Spices Points' roll over?
'Spices Pints' will keep getting accumulated in your account until you redeem them.